Live Oak Center for Psychotherapy and Education

Live Oak provides a friendly, welcoming space to recognize and heal the obstacles that stand between you and the full expression of your life experience.  Life changes, transitions and the inevitable march of time present us with challenges that can become overwhelming.

Our shared practice at Live Oak is rooted in compassion.  That means that we accompany you on the path to fully meeting yourself, with courage and a spirit of non-judgment.  Side by side with a deep respect for human beings, we recognize and find ways to address the problems and difficulties that arise in our lives.  The challenges we face with complex emotions, relationship challenges, parenting, depression, anxiety, grief, divorce – may arise as opportunities to mature into ourselves and live lives that have more opportunity, vitality and meaning.

Using the approaches of psychotherapy, psycho-education, narrative therapy, and group discussion to awaken human growth, the common thread that weaves throughout our work is compassion.  We seek to help identify and bring awareness to the difficulties and challenges to living a full and meaningful life.

Practitioners at Live Oak respect and work with all populations and family constellations.

Live Oak practitioners/clinicians work with individuals, couples and families in all stages of life to help find ease, meaning, fulfillment and joy in life and to assist you in realizing their preferred chosen way of being.   We invite the unexpected visitor and work together to incorporate changes into daily life and relationships. 

Working as sole practitioners, Live Oak clinicians also consult and work collegially and collaboratively in teams as appropriate to enrich the therapeutic process.